“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee“ Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016)

Pastry Factory


 "Making the product is what we do and every day we ask ourselves whether we know how to do it”

The Pastry Factory's artisanal confectionery is the product that sets the company apart. With more than 37 varieties and traditional recipes, our confectionery has an intense flavour, is hand-made and colourful.


Sister Maria and Sister Ana left the convent in the early morning. The monastery's beautiful Plateresque façade flickered in the light of four torches that had lost their brilliance after being lit all night. September in Jerez is generally mild, but that September was hotter than usual. The wine harvest had been brought forward due to the sultry weather and this spurred the sisters on their way to the bodega. The carts with grapes were queuing up one behind the other at the entrance and the porters loaded the barrels as fast as they could. The hoofs of the horses of Sir Francis Drake's army with his vice admiral Sir Martin Frobisher leading it were still resonating. Everybody remembered the pillaging of the 3,000 wine barrels of the previous summer and this was evident in the mood of the porters.

When they asked the bodega foreman about the yolks he left his work for a moment and pointed to the path they had to follow to the room where the wines were clarified. It was still dark, so when they put the torch up to the door they could clearly see the insignia of the Ximenez family, the owners of the estate.  The nuns took away two buckets full of egg yolks that they used to make their famous crème caramels.

When they got back to the foot of the Espíritu Santo convent, they had left a trail of yellow liquid behind them that gave a clue as to what they were carrying. In a few hours and before the midday sun has cleared everybody off the street, the women of the village would queue up at the side door of the convent to buy crème caramels. People speak almost as highly of the crème caramels made by the Espíritu Santo convent's nuns as they do about Jerez wines.

Àngel and Francesc are like these nuns who know how to make the best crème caramels, who get up early, see an opportunity to get yolks left over from clarifying the wines, have waited their turn, are grateful to those who help them: they know how to take hard knocks and are very hardworking.


Àngel Bergadà is Pastry Factory's Production Manager and has been in the artisanal baking sector for over 20 years. Francesc Bascompte is the Pastry Factory's CEO and his experience covers the fields of architecture, business and innovation.

Pastry Factory is an artisanal baking company that markets frozen articles, specialising in confectionery and canapés, set up in 2014 and located in Sant Quirze del Vallès.

Pastry Factory makes confectionery articles, canapés, cakes and mini éclairs among their 90 or so baking products.

Pastry Factory has a team of 18 persons with broad experience in the artisanal baking sector and a dedication to hard work. 




"Respect for traditional baking is part of Pastry Factory's essence"

Pasty Factory believes in baking done expertly, slowly, by hand....this is evident in the taste.  Traditional baking is the cornerstone.




“We have chosen to do things well… this starts with choosing the ingredients we use”

For Pastry Factory, knowing the origin of our ingredients is essential. We like to know the people who make them... so our products' quality is the result of strict origin controls.



"Listening to learn....our greatest source of learning is our customers"

Innovation is a way of looking at a Company. Listening to our customers is essential to innovation. Pastry Factory innovates by listening.



Working together

What can Pastry Factory do to improve its consumers' nutrition? We're not talking about any old challenge, but about baking..."

Pastry Factory wants to work through nutrition to improve people's wellbeing.



  • We produce 100,000kg of confectionery a year
  • We use 17,600 litres of cream
  • We work with 120,000 eggs
  • We cook with 21,000kg of chocolate
  • We sell 1,500,000 units



  • 2015 turnover | 750,000 Euros
  • 2016 turnover | 1,050.00 Euros
  • Turnover 2017 | forecast growth of 125%, up to 2,400.00 Euros



Pastry Factory is a trademark registered by Pastry Factory SL, with trademark number in Spain Number 3615889 (5), class: 35. The application was presented on 28/10/2016 before the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism at its Patents and Brands Office. For any queries you can contact Sugrañes, technical-legal patents and trademarks office. Calle Provença, 304, 08008 Barcelona. www.sugranes.com

Visit our website www.pastryfactorygroup.com


All Pastry Factory products are hand-made by artisanal bakers. Pastry Factory highlights the manual production of all its products because we believe this gives them a traditional and delicate image.

True to our philosophy of enhancing traditional flavours and textures, we have maintained many artisanal production processes and thus the originality of the traditional products made in the bakeries down through the years.


This seal identifies all those products made with a new recipe that improves its quality and taste.

NEW IN 2017

This seal identifies all new products launched in 2017.



If you have any questions or need more information just ask us. Our team will advise you on choosing the right service.



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