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Pastry Factory awarded ISO 22000 food-safety certification


Pastry Factory is firmly committed to food safety and the utmost quality of its products. As a result, it has just been granted ISO 22000 food-safety certification. This is one of the most important standards (along with the International Food Standard and British Retail Consortium), developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation and ensures the highest level of food safety. This year, the company decided to further firm up its commitment to quality and food safety in its products. The Quality Department designed and implemented a new quality system, in line with the company’s needs, which has now been granted the much-awaited certification.  

“Getting ISO 22000 certification is great news, as it means we are respecting international standards on food safety,” explained Pastry Factory CEO Francesc Bascompte, who also added that there are many benefits to this certification.

But what does it mean exactly that Pastry Factory has been granted ISO 22000 certification?

  • Being able to meet food-safety requirements with legal guarantees. 
  • Inspiring confidence and addressing the needs of clients in terms of food safety
  • Fostering future exports and boosting recognition among foreign clients
  • Achieving effective communication throughout the supply chain with duly approved clients and suppliers. 
  • Boosting competitiveness with other companies in the sector by fostering innovation through the development of new products
  • Boosting productivity by optimising processes and improving cost management
Plus, certification of this type also has an impact on employee motivation and implication with the Environment and Food-Safety Quality Management System
Being granted ISO 22000 certification is the first step down a long road in terms of food safety. With the move to the new Pastry Factory facilities in 2018, the company aspires to new professional challenges in food safety. Striving for IFS certification and working to implement ISO8 technology for making all its products are two of the next steps to take. 




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