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5 emblematic Catalan desserts


Each country has its own desserts. Typical sweets made with the best produce in the land. In Catalonia, each town has its own typical dessert and, in total, there are many sweet treats in the traditional Catalan recipe book. Do you know them all? 

Catalan artisanal desserts

*Pa de pessic or cake

 This is a light sponge cake traditionally made with flour, eggs, sugar and baking powder. Plain is the most traditional, without any filling, just sprinkled with sugar. 

*Mel i mató

A simple dessert that is easy to serve at home: just cut a slice of mató (a fresh cheese with less fat than others) then add honey and, if you want, walnuts. In Catalonia, this typically tops the list of desserts at any restaurant.

*Crema catalana

One of the Catalan desserts par excellence, number one in Catalan cuisine. Made with egg yolks, sugar, wheat or corn flour and milk flavoured with cinnamon and lemon zest, it is most well-known for its layer of caramelised sugar on top, which gives it an interesting textural contrast. 


Derived from Arab pastries, these artisanal sweets are the favourite on All Saints’ Day. It is traditional to eat them with roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes. They come in an assortment of flavours, including chocolate, coconut, pine nuts and almonds

*Braç de gitano

There are several versions of this dessert, which comes in a wide variety of options such as cream, truffle, custard and chocolate. One legend ties it to the gypsy coppersmiths who, from the early 19th century to the mid 20th century, went around to pastry shops in Barcelona trying to sell their wares. They were given leftover cakes in exchange, which the patissiers rested on their arms. 

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